Blind Lake - Robert Charles Wilson I read this after I had finished the Spin trilogy by the same author, Robert Charles Wilson. Spin is my favorite book and the sequels aren't bad either, so I was looking forward to this one.

And I enjoyed it all the way. It was interesting to see so many great concepts from the trilogy written in this earlier book, in kind of a compact form.

- The whole nature of the quarantine
- People's reactions and their lives changing accordingly (both individually and as a community)
- The mysterious Q/BEC computers
- The strange girl and her connections to the whole thing
- Some ideas on the alien race are similar to what's written in Vortex
- The big revelations in the end
(And some spoilers, which I won't mention here.)

Practically, all these themes can be found somewhere in the Spin trilogy one way or another, in more detail. This novel is kind of the ancestor of a fantastic series.

Blind Lake is a great book, even if it's not as brilliant as Spin, I really enjoyed it front to end. And of course, the characters are unique and believable, as I expected from Wilson.

I'm definitely going to read some more books from him.